The machining technology program at Ranger College offers training for in-demand, advanced manufacturing jobs in areas such as machine tool technology and welding. Ranger also works with various local companies to create custom training courses for local manufacturers who are opening new facilities or expanding current capabilities.

Ranger College offers the following programs in Machining:

  • Dual Credit machining courses 
  • Certificate 1, 20 hours, two semesters (8 months)
  • Certificate 2, 40 hours, three semesters (12 months) 
  • Associate Degree, 60 hours, four semesters (16 months) 

The certificates can be stacked and earned credits can be applied toward an Associate’s Degree in machining.

Through coursework and lab experiences, students learn about precision tools and materials selection, blueprint-reading, measurement, and project layout.

Students also learn the fundamentals of conventional machine operation and materials and manufacturing processes. Students practice skills on a mixture of state-of-the-art and traditional machines, including Computer Numerical Control machines, CNC lathes, and milling machines. Students also gain experience in Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing in a hands-on computer lab.

High Wages for a better future

Research by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that thousands of jobs for machinists, machine tool operators, welders, and maintenance workers will be created in the coming years. The machining field is projected to grow by 14 percent by 2028, while the employment of welders is projected to grow by 3 percent.

In September 2019, the reported median earnings for machinists was $44,950, machine tool operators was $53,190 and welders was $41,380.  

Recently Ranger college machining students received a 100% pass rate on their NIMS Measurement, Materials and Safety credential. This allowed our students to easily find jobs in manufacturing field.

Please contact Jeff Snow at [email protected], or via phone (254) 647-1075 to learn more about the program.